Sunday, September 09, 2012


Navigator CX Set up

TI-Nspire CX Navigator is the official name and Version 3.2 is the big upgrade that occurred in June 2012.

Setup was easy. The package comes with the network router, the installation cd for the software, and the wireless hats. I ordered the 30 user license and received the hats in groups of 10 packaged together in a nice little container.

Installing the software wasn't that difficult, but the software was not the up-to-date software so I had to go to the TI website and upgrade to the latest version. Placing the hats on each of the handhelds was not difficult at all. The most difficult part of all was getting the router to work.  After trying unsuccessfully for an hour I finally called TI-CARES (a number that is on speed dial by now). Basically, the firmware on the network router needed to be upgraded (unfortunately they don't ship it upgraded ???) and my school firewall was not allowing the computer to download the firmware. The techie suggested I do it outside of school.  So I had to lug the router and its power cord and its usb cord home with me. I decided to go to Starbucks instead because I hate doing work from home. Bad choice. It didn't occur to me until I got to Starbucks that my netbook doesn't have a CD drive thus I could not install the Nspire Navigator software via CD. So I had to download it from the TI Website. Note: It is not easy to find on the website, but luckily I already had the link from an email back in June. It took FOREVER to download the software at Starbucks (like over 2 hours). The kicker is when I finally had it downloaded and installed, the firmware still couldn't be upgraded.  So eventually I had to pack everything up and take it home and upgrade the firmware from home. Sigh ...

So now the firmware is upgraded and the network router is functioning. So the TI CARES guy told me I had to add the wireless hats. I assumed manually and had to enter in all 30 wireless hats serial numbers (twice). Apparently I didn't have to do that, but oh well. It was done and I was finished and ready to use it.

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