Sunday, September 09, 2012


Incorporating the CX Navigator in class

So far (2 weeks), this is how I've been using the CX Navigator

1. Attendance: As soon as students enter class, they know to get their handheld and login.
2. Homework: Since I give homework problems from the book where they can find the answer in the back, the answers, I very rarely will ever grade the homework. But I do have a quick poll set up where as soon as the students log in, the quick poll is asking them which problems gave them the most trouble. Once they answer the quick poll, they can get working on the warm up.  While they are working on the warm up, I go buy looking at their homework to determine how many of the problems they worked out. After I do that, then I end the quick poll and use the results to determine which homework problems I need to go over in class.
3. Classwork. I assign the problems for the Independent Practice, but then send them a file I have created that will allow them enter the answers in to the classwork. At the end of the allotted time to work on the independent practice, I warn them that I'm about to collect all the work so they need to put their answers in. I then the collect the files from the handheld (while also deleting them from their handheld so that other classes won't have an unfair advantage). I then grade the document together in class so the kids can grade their own papers at the same time. I
4. Math Inspired Activities: Whenever we are working on a Math Nspired Activity and a kid says they are having problems doing something, I put them up using the Live Presenter mode. If one kid is having a problem then so are one or two more. Watching me talk the student through his problem on the screen is beneficial to those students who are having the same problem.

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