Sunday, September 09, 2012


Hectic to say the least.

My apologies for not posting in over a year and a half. Last school year was so hectic. Here is why:

1. I started teaching night classes (yes plural) at ITT Tech.
2. I had a student teacher that needed to be mentored.
3. I was the only Senior Class Sponsor, so I ran the school store during lunch and managed fundraisers and dues collection as well as prom planning and senior class council.
4. I was still department chair and mentee to two new teachers.
5. I was on the curriculum writing committee for the district.
6. I was still on the school's safety committee, school advisory committee, advanced academics committee, 7. I still was responsible for planning weekly homeroom/advocacy lessons for the school.
8. I had a full load of classes where my smallest class was 28 students.

And on a personal note:
9. I started attending Crossfit classes 3-5 times a week at 5:30 am.
10. I was knee deep into a serious relationship, so he needed to spend time with me after work.

Needless to say. Life was busy. And I made it through by handling every assignment, half-assed.

This year is different.
1. No ITT Tech teaching.
2. No student teacher.
3. No class sponsoring.
4. Still department chair, but only 1 new teacher as a mentee (who happened to be the student teacher from last year), so not as time consuming.
5. No district curriculum writing committee.
8. I have one less class and my smallest class is 15 students.

So, life is going much better.

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